Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fox Saved from Fur Farm is Pretty Sure She’s a Dog Now

By Solon Kelleher
If it weren't for her bushy tail and distinctly fox-colored fur, Vixey could pass for a dog.
Footage of Vixey, a fox rescued from the fur trade in the Czech Republic, shows that sometimes foxes are closer to their dog cousins than we may think.
In a matter of seconds, she runs in the room, climbs on top of the bunk bed and ducks out, all without pausing for an instant.

Facebook/HypeDojoOnce she gets settled in bed, she plays hide-and-go-seek … by herself.
Facebook/HypeDojoOf course, all that playing can make a fox tired.
YouTube/NajlvinBut before long, she's back at it again, entertaining herself with other dog-like activities such as solo-fetch ...
YouTube/Najlvin… feet sniffing ...
YouTube/Najlvin… getting scratched on the neck …
YouTube/Najlvin… plus some very fox-like behavior as well such as nose-diving into the ground.

As a fox living with humans, Vixey's caught between two worlds — part tame, part wild. While nature is certainly the best place for a wild animal, Vixey's never known what that's like. She was born into a factory that breeds foxes for the fashion industry, from which she was eventually rescued.
YouTube user Najlvin originally uploaded videos of Vixey back in 2010, but footage of the energetic fox has recently resurfaced online.

The videos may be dated, but they still serve as a reminder that there's a better life out there for the millions of animals who are born into fur farms around the world. With foxes being the second most commonly farmed animal, Vixey was one of the lucky ones to escape the industry.

While it's unusual to see a tame fox, Vixey is hardly the first one to behave more like a dog than her wild counterpart. Just last week, a white fox born into captivity made her first real friend, who also happened to be a dog.

Watch two of videos of Vixey below.

Happy Rescued Fox Loves to Play!
Meet Vixey the fox! Vixey is a sweet Czech fox that was rescued from a fur farm. She looks so happy now! <3What an adorable ball of energy! :DSee more of Vixey at her personal website
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