Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fourteen Foxes


There are 21 species of fox and Red fox the largest member of the fox family. The red fox has orangish-red and white  fur. The fox is well-known for its cleverness and adaptability. Their habitats include urban, alpine and arid areas. Red foxes can adapt to many different living areas so they can be observed in different areas. The red fox can be found in most of the United States and Canada, except for the far north in Canada and Alaska and much of the western U.S. and Hawaii. The fox sleeps in dens during the day, often using the same den for several generations. Thaey are mainly active at night.

Red foxes are essentially omnivores. They eat  fruits, berries and grasses, rabbits, rodents, game birds, beetles,  insects, worms and carrion. They eat approximately 1 kg of food each day. 
Natural enemies are lynx, wolf, eagle and eagle but their biggest enemies are people. Red foxes are hunted for sport.

 Here are 14 pictures of beautiful red foxes.

beautiful-foxes-wildlife-photography-2fox diving
Micheal Eastman

smile fox
Edwin Kats

fox photography

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